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Are veterinary technicians/assistants aloud to have facial piercings or tattoos?

by tom44 on November 13, 2012

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Question by Kristen: Are veterinary technicians/assistants aloud to have facial piercings or tattoos?
I would like to go to college to be either a veterinary assistant or technician, I’m leaning more toward the assist, and I was wondering what all they allow in that field pertaining to facial piercings and tattoos. I will be planning on working down in Austin, Texas if that helps any.
What about other jobs involving pets? Like a pet trainer, or working at a kennel?

Thanks in advance! c:
Haha, typo in the title. – w -;; *allowed
Also, I’m just looking for a generalization. I know that it’s up to the employer, but are most accepting of it? Is it a common thing for them to allow it?
Thanks. c:
And I’m only planning on getting snakebites, nothing major~ c:

Best answer:

Answer by Common Sense
ALLOWED, and that’s up to each employer.

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3 thoughts on “Are veterinary technicians/assistants aloud to have facial piercings or tattoos?

  1. betty white says:

    it is probably fine but I would say a bit unprofessional. I think they look ‘hard’ but thats only my opinion. I had one and took it out three yrs ago due to my profession.

  2. Bill says:

    I suggest that you call some local veterinarians and ask if he/she will give you a short interview about working in their field. That way you can get all of your questions answered and perhaps some good advice on the type of schooling you should take. They can also answer the facial piercing an tattoo question. Good Luck

  3. pretty + poisonous says:

    Places like the Humane Society or animal shelters usually allow employees to have visible tattoos and facial piercings.

    Private practice veterinary hospitals usually don’t allow employees to have facial piercings. It’s just not very professional looking, honestly. They are in the medical field, after all. Tattoos are usually not a big deal. Piercings can look enticing to pets who may want to try to swat at them.

    If you are a trainer and own your own training business, then you can look however you want. If you work in a dog boarding place, it’s up to the owner but they are usually pretty lenient about body mods.

    If you are choosing your career based on whether or not you can have body mods, then maybe you need to sort out your priorities.

    Also, you don’t have to go to college to be a vet assistant. All they do is clean cages and restrain animals.

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