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Are there any real estate jobs in Atlanta Ga?

by tom44 on August 1, 2012

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atlanta jobs
by Cayusa

Question by Breanna Y: Are there any real estate jobs in Atlanta Ga?
I am wanting to get my real estate license and move to Atlanta (from Athens) but are there any real estate jobs in Atlanta that don’t require experience? I don’t want to waste the money if I can’t find work. I’ve looked online and the results have been a little depressing but I’m not that good at web searches.

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Answer by Meredith
Virtually all of my friends in the real estate market are complaining about their diminished income. If your move is contingent on guaranteed salary, you may want to stay put until the economy improves. Either that, or think about a different field for the time being.

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2 thoughts on “Are there any real estate jobs in Atlanta Ga?

  1. Jen says:


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  2. Carla Hailey says:

    Yes there are real estate brokers as well as agents that are available jobs in Atlanta. Never give up and continue searching online for these jobs because you might never know that you stumble upon some tax deed also that would provide you a home to relocate into.

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