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Are there any part-time retail jobs that you can forget about when you leave?

by tom44 on November 15, 2012

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Question by Y?: Are there any part-time retail jobs that you can forget about when you leave?
I’m self-employed and thinking of getting a part-time job for extra money in this slow economy. My business takes a lot of thought and planning, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest a retail store job that doesn’t get you all worried and stressed out when you leave at the end of your shift. Also, does anyone have any advice about lengths of shifts (in hours) and rates to request. (I live in the Philly area.) Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Are there any part-time retail jobs that you can forget about when you leave?

  1. Brak Returns says:

    Move down here to Raleigh, NC and get a PT retail job at some of our grocery stores. We are always hiring & they pay pretty good.

  2. Bewildered says:

    Try Wal Mart

  3. the_beautiful_poet says:

    rates to request are based on your experience. don’t work at Dillard’s. they are hell to work for. stress major!!!! um it really depends on where you are at and what the employees of each place are like. a good way to gage is to go into stores and see if the employees seem like they like their jobs or are happy or even friendly, or if they ignore customers or seem like they have an aire of hating their job. our local big lots the people ignore you and they hate their jobs, you can tell, other places seem like they are having fun, like my local FYE. i’d go in and see based on employees.

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