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are there any felon friendly jobs in Tacoma Washington?

by tom44 on September 3, 2012

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Question by debra p: are there any felon friendly jobs in Tacoma Washington?
I am looking for Clerical/ data entry/medical billing positions, but I have a Class C UPCS felony….will anyone be willing to hire me?

Best answer:

Answer by Zeebarista
Milgard has 4 plants in Fife. The recently overhauled their background check/standards policy. You should call them.

Just a note. Most large companies are held to standards in which they can’t turn you down because of your criminal record, IF your criminal record has nothing to do with the job function at hand.

Also, once your felony is more than 7 years old, most companies are held to a legal standard in which they cannot take that part of your background into consideration of employment at all.

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