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Are salaries generally higher in CT than NC?

by tom44 on March 6, 2013

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Question by Alexa: Are salaries generally higher in CT than NC?
I’m a nurse right now and I’m thinking about buying a house. I was thinking about moving to Raleigh NC to buy a house since they are cheap and the taxes are lower. But do the salaries match up with the housing prices?
Here in CT you make more money but to buy a house it is extremely expensive
In NC you probably make less but houses are cheaper

Which would be better in the long run? Do you make that much more money in CT than in NC?

Best answer:

Answer by Joe P
I would google “Cost of Living Index Calculator” and run your numbers against a few of the sources. I would also find out the average cost of a home like yours in Raliegh.

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5 thoughts on “Are salaries generally higher in CT than NC?

  1. ? Googly Eyes. ? says:

    All I know is I was born in Connecticut and I moved out when I was 14, but damn, the ice cream man costs so much. Hows a kid gunna survive without his daily dose of Double Fruity Pop, dannng. So I moved to AZ, much nicer, so much newer and modern, and houses are almost half price and brand new. Whole different Culture.

  2. Tom K says:

    From what I’ve seen online, Hartford, CT, is one of the top ten places nationwide for nurse pay. In NC, average pay for an RN ranges from $ 40,000-$ 60,000. One would think that Raleigh would be in the upper part of that range. While there generally will be a difference in pay scale between the two states, I would expect the lower cost of living in NC to more than make up for the difference in pay.

  3. Special K says:

    My sister and her family just moved from New Hampshire a year ago to Charlotte, NC. Yes, the salaries are commensurate with the cost of living.

    New England is so much more expensive to live than North Carolina. My sis also lived in Boston and Rhode Island (can’t remember all of the cities) but she absolutely loves it in NC.

    She bought a house in NC and said it would cost 2-1/2 times more in New Hampshire as what she paid in NC

    They joined a boating community, or something like that, where they pay $ 75 per month and then they can take a boat out everyday if they want to. They only have to pay for gas for the boat. They bought their daughter a car (my niece) cuz they have money now to spend and they are really enjoying it down there.

    My bro in law found a job first before he moved though.

    My sis said that the money you do make in NC goes farther in other words move to NC because even though you earn less, the houses are much cheaper and you will have more disposable income.

    Good luck (it’s hot down there)

  4. rob1977nc says:

    Alot of people move down to NC thinking things are going to be better but not necessarily. You will probably face a big pay cut. Property is cheaper, but not necessarily taxes. Remember, one state might have lower income taxes than another…but higher property taxes, or higher sales taxes. They basically even out in the end, to where there’s no big difference.
    I’d stay in CT…at least the job market is better there.

  5. Brak! says:

    Salaries are higher in CT.
    But Homes are cheaper in NC.
    CT is chilly and cold in the winter
    NC is a bit warmer. Actually, people here wear shorts at least once each month.

    Traffic is heavier in CT
    Pollution can be a problem in CT
    NC has much less of both.

    Jobs are coming to NC because of the growing economy of the state.
    Nursing is a rapidly growing industry especially in the Raleigh area. Personally, I love this area so much I wouldn’t move anywhere north of Raleigh.
    Come down here to the Raleigh area to grow your medical career.

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