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Are CNA’s in demand these days?

by tom44 on September 8, 2012

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Question by : Are CNA’s in demand these days?
Hi !!!!!! I’m currently enrolled in a nursing school. But, I want to have a part time job, so I thought of going into a short training CNA program this summer. I live in NJ. Do you think there are still in demnand these days?


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Answer by curious
I am a CNA and here in OH they are in demand.

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2 thoughts on “Are CNA’s in demand these days?

  1. looseconnection says:

    It depends on your location. I live in Illinois and they are fairly in demand. But if you have already started your nursing clinicals, it’s best that you look into SNA, student nurse assistant. It pays more and you don’t have to pay for a course to become a CNA.

  2. Dee says:

    They are still relevant however the future is in home care. Lengths of stay are shortening in the hospital so patients are sent home sooner. Home health aides take care of them. HHA training is free and usually takes 3-4 wks to complete the training.

    Also as a home health aide you take care of ONE patient. A Cna takes care of 8-10 patients, for close to the same money. Cna get more, but they are working hard for that money. Good luck

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