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Apple WWDC 2008 – Steve Jobs Keynote: iPhone 3G

by tom44 on September 2, 2012

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Watch Inside Mac TV highlights of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs’ Keynote address at this years WWDC 2008 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference at Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. See the new iPhone 3G, and updates on SDK development efforts covering games, music, and mobile medical applications. For more information visit:
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25 thoughts on “Apple WWDC 2008 – Steve Jobs Keynote: iPhone 3G

  1. tommy4578 says:

    i can just picture? the band isingers lol

  2. crazyasian300 says:

    black? iphone

  3. crazyasian300 says:

    the black iphone? defiently!

  4. Vincentdeep says:

    What Steve Jobs, You, and every person that touts this phone forgets to mention is that it’s only $299 for? new ATT customers,BUMMER the only way you’re gonna get that shit is to sign for a new 2yr. contract BUMMER. So I can’t upgrade for another yr. BUMMER for me and other iphone owners it will still cost $499 BUMMER! After all isn’t every iphone contract only a year old at best?

  5. iamdesibutiamblack says:

    yes its? true

  6. SA2212 says:

    iphone? in black

  7. D3ltaFX says:

    Apple doesn’t choose the pricing of the apps, it’s all up? to the developer of the app.

  8. D3ltaFX says:

    No, it’s a 2MP camera — same as? the original iPhone.

  9. mj121506 says:

    How? come no one is mentioning the fact that the $199 price for the iPhone is for new customers only existing AT&T customers have to pay $399 & $499 for the new models.

  10. murcroadster says:

    yah and? its free right now if you have them currently jailbroken. i hope they really dont start charging for all the apps that you can get.

  11. rotimanis says: it true…the iphone come in 5mpx camera n stereo speaker????

  12. ghostmanon3 says:

    thats it? im? not impressed. i think i might buy one ; )

  13. daivenluo says:

    which is sexier, iPhone in black or iPhone in? white?

  14. icebiggice says:

    fuck nokia,samsung,sony? ericson,lg,i mate and motorola >>>>>>>>but not the iphone

  15. AlexGreenberg1 says:

    this? is defiantly not true..

  16. musiclord17 says:

    does? it have video recording?

  17. JoelCharron1991 says:

    some of them r? free

  18. BossF says:

    Nice? vid. Not as boring as the original keynote:)

  19. hmz3000 says:

    its true? for uk iphones

  20. a1016neo says:

    there might be? free ones though

  21. diggerf16 says:

    30 dollars extra,? as opposed to 10, for the originial.

  22. daneeehhhh says:

    It depends on the company that gives? you the service.

  23. chintopher says:

    is stupidmonkeyballs the only game??

  24. darknald123890 says:

    70 countries worldwide for the iphone 3G?

  25. voteforlee says:

    not true?

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