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Apple customers react to news of Steve Jobs stepping down

by tom44 on November 4, 2013

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Just a quick mailday of some stuff I’ve been waiting on. Kind of a long day at work. The Boston Marathon tragedy has been on the news quite a bit over here. …
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25 thoughts on “Apple customers react to news of Steve Jobs stepping down

  1. WeskerGriff says:

    It was terrible what? happen at the Boston Marathon, but thankfully one of the bombers was caught, and hopefully we can find out why he did this and what were his motives. Nice video Andrew. Awesome pickups.

  2. ThePinoyMamba says:

    Andrew Pm me your address again.
    I miss placed where I wrote it.
    Asap if possible.?

    Thanks again.

  3. Kris Paesano says:

    is that zack wheeler? /25 from sterling for sale? If so I’m interested

  4. Kris Paesano says:

    i? agree what happened was horrible 🙁

  5. TTMcollector21 says:

    Sweet mailday man! What happened in Boston was terrible, but atleast the one killer is dead and the other is caught now! Now justice will be served! Also i? think what you want to do is great for everyone who was effected by this terrible tragedy!

  6. TakaTanakaGiants says:

    If there are other organizations that YOU feel “would be better” then by all means, feel free to open your? wallet and make a donation. I respect your opinion, but this is my choice. This is how I spread awareness.
    Get involved and lead by example.

  7. TakaTanakaGiants says:

    I understand that you don’t understand.
    I think it’s safe to say that you don’t have any financial obligations outside of possibly a cell phone bill. Imagine receiving a medical bill that’s higher than the cost of your home because of the actions of two nut jobs.
    Now add the cost of possible life long rehabilitation and prescription medicine. What kind of cap do these victims have? on their medical insurance policies? I used to work in insurance. I know that most people are BARELY covered.

  8. Giants49ers28 says:

    i think there is a? organization called boston marathon relief fund

  9. DobsonCollector17 says:

    Yeah? I was thinking the same thing

  10. phatmattcowboys says:

    Now? Texas has a tragedy. Horrible week.

  11. jtulliakat0628 says:

    I really dig those black refractors man! So sad about the Boston marathon! My mom? called me in tears. It just saddens me the hatred that some people have in their hearts……

  12. molosgaming says:

    I like the lindor trout and? Shaffer lmk

  13. Jack Moran says:

    I was at the hotel that the bomb blew up outside of. I was with 5 friends of mine, one 17 and one 16, then the rest 15. it was very scary, but all of us are safe which? is good. very very tragic

  14. ThePinoyMamba says:

    Very unfortunate Heart Breaking!!!
    Your definitely One of the nicest youtuber and? a very true Person!

  15. TakaTanakaGiants says:

    Very cool of Ben Revere.? Sick catch by him the other day too.

  16. TakaTanakaGiants says:

    Thanks? for the comment bro!

  17. crazeenycards says:

    you need to be careful when selecting a? charity. I myself have seen 2 scam “charities” here on youtube. its despicable what some people will do when a tragedy like this occurs.

  18. partlycloudy531 says:

    Such a tragic event, hopefully they can catch the person(s) responsible soon.?

  19. jmacitalian101 says:

    So sad? what happened in Boston.

  20. baseballcards4life44 says:

    what would it take to? get a miracle chocolate bar?

  21. mikeymo1111 says:

    Yeah, Boston was very unfortunate. It always shocks me to know that there? are people in this world capable of such things. Anyway on a more positive note, I love your pickups man. Love, love, love the J fractors.

  22. pwrfwd26 says:

    Packs for a purpose! If they get going put me down for 2!?

  23. alyssa24242424 says:

    i? almost headed to boston that day

  24. 18greens18fairways says:

    Let me know if you would be willing to get? rid of the rymer liriano japan fractor from your previous vid. or if you have any other of his sterling cards.

  25. Paul Miller says:

    Prayers out to those in Boston, it would be awesome if we could make a? donation to them. Great video, also nice mailday 🙂

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