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Anyone know of any jobs available in the Western New York area?

by tom44 on August 23, 2013

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Question by missy: Anyone know of any jobs available in the Western New York area?
Buffalo, New york resident looking for employment. I am willing to do just about anything that pays a reasonable amount salary. I have experience in collection, nursing and cashiering. My only issue is that I have a Assault record, its only a misdemeanor but I think it;s barring me from getting employed. Or are there any programs I can get into. Please help. OH and I’m not interested in temp agencies, they are a joke up here:( Please anyone help!!

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Answer by Kevin

I’m a Buffalo resident and work at the VA on Baily Avenue.

If you haven’t considered applying there then I’d like to encourage you to do so. I also happen to be a veteran but most people employed at the hospital are not vets. I don’t know what your “nursing experience” happens to be but if you don’t have your CNA, LPN or RN license then you should certainly obtain the necessary credentialing. Be honest about your assault charge. I happen to know an employee who had charges and was hired. There are many factors to consider but being less than honest on a Federal Application will not serve you well in the end. The VA also has a small concession store and food court located in the basement where you may want to make inquiries. They are not Federal employees I don’t believe so the hiring process is a bit different. Good luck.

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