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Anyone in the Dallas Ft Worth area to reccommend a job?

by tom44 on March 30, 2014

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Question by E. Nigma: Anyone in the Dallas Ft Worth area to reccommend a job?
My husband, daughter and I are moving out to the area and will be in desperate need of a job paying $ 10.00 an hr or over. We’re not picky but he does want to be able to see us on weekends if possible. We’ll be doing some job hunting of our own, I just thought maybe if someone had seen anything you could let me know?? Thanks!!!

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Answer by Q&A ANSWER MAN
i lived in texas many years ago
$ 10.00 and hour will be no problem as i see it
30 years ago i was a semi skilled construction worker
i made over $ 15.00 an hour
some oneone that lives there could help you
im just giving you a boost
i wish i was there now

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One thought on “Anyone in the Dallas Ft Worth area to reccommend a job?

  1. jannsody says:

    Just a word to the wise, Not trust any job ‘offer’ from an online message board or chatroom. No one really knows the motive behind the ‘opportunity’ know what I mean. How about looking on ‘yahoo jobs’,, or going to and typing into search ‘jobs and dallas, tx’ or such. Wishing you the best with your move and job search!

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