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anybody know how much westwood college or redstone college costs in denver?

by tom44 on July 26, 2013

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denver medical jobs
by dbking

Question by Nate and jasmin: anybody know how much westwood college or redstone college costs in denver?
ive been wanting to find the cheapest trade/college to become an HVAC but most of the sites dont list the price until your in there office nd they pressure you to join.

Best answer:

Answer by marci knows best
Go to Emily Griffith Opportunity School. Fees are low and they actually teach you the material rather than charging high prices and only teaching you to take the licensing test. Employers I have known much prefer a certificate from Emily Griffith because they know you’ve actually learned something.

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3 thoughts on “anybody know how much westwood college or redstone college costs in denver?

  1. The Chosen One says:

    Go to
    It gives you tons of info on all the colleges in colorado. Just search your college in the search box and it will tell you how much they cost, how many people attend, how many professors there are, what courses you can take, etc.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Each program is different, chances are you will have to talk to a counselor to get a straight price out of them. Trade schools are much more expensive also. I checked out PIMA medical and the two year program that I was looking at was around $ 24,000 compared to the $ 2,000 per semester at a community college. I believe Red Rocks or even Warren Tech has HVAC training at much cheaper prices. Also, you could try and get a job at an HVAC shop and they might help you pay for your schooling. I used to work for an HVAC company, All Temperatures Controlled, they helped pay for classes for some of the techs. Good luck!

  3. PSwest says:

    You can find an outline of tuition costs for Westwood College in Denver by visiting this page on their Website:
    Additionally, information on tuition for Redstone College can be found on their Website here:
    You can also call either school’s hotline number to talk to an admissions representative if you have additional questions: 303-650-5050 for the Westwood College – Denver North Campus and 877-801-1025 for Redstone College.

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