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Any good jobs in Detroit area? I really need a decent job in the banking industry?

by tom44 on September 25, 2012

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Question by davidmichigan24: Any good jobs in Detroit area? I really need a decent job in the banking industry?

I’ve lived in other states. Yes, Michigan is having a tough time. However, I’m staying here so don’t give me advise on leaving. Additionally, the rest of the US never had high paying automotive jobs so Detroit should count its blessings that it had that for as long as it did. I want concrete answers regarding jobs in the banking industry. Remember, I didn’t ask about assembly line jobs.

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Answer by psychopiet
Why not try to be a stock-trader or fund manager. You make lots of money irrespective of the success of your clients.

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6 thoughts on “Any good jobs in Detroit area? I really need a decent job in the banking industry?

  1. julvrug says:

    You are kidding right? A good job in Michigan let alone in the welfare section of the state. You may want to consider joining the many hundreds who have bailed and moved to other states.

  2. Joe Rockhead says:


  3. Mastermind says:

    Sorry but we are in a recession in Detroit. There have been 400,000 automotive jobs lost here in the last year. Theres not sh** for jobs

  4. M. P. says:

    I was born in Highland Park, Mich and raised in Detroit and got the heck away from there because there’s nothing there.
    I don’t know if this website is still up and running but you could try to check Hopefully you can find something you’re looking for in a better state. Why stay where there’s nothing there??

  5. Gregory B says:

    I need Home Workers and would love to partner with every Auto worker in the United States to provide a plan B. We have no lay offs for those who are determined.

    call me 314- 602-8741

    I’d like to give some free infprmation where you can go to a business briefing in your area. And bring as many people as you like.


  6. mkt f says:

    working for a bank in detroit ????bank robber’s quit ,lack of cash .but certainly in the foreclosure department if you are qualified ,they are extremely busy

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