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Any good hospitals in Chicago?

by tom44 on June 21, 2014

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Question by ApeRn: Any good hospitals in Chicago?
I’m moving to Chicago in a few months. I am a nurse and need to start searching for a new job. Any hospitals that are worth recommending?

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Answer by Eddie
Hi…Northwestern Hospital is absolutely amazing!!! It is located in downtown Chicago. Also, take a look at Illinois Masonic Hospital located on the north side of the city. Those would be my two recommendations. Good Luck in your move!!

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3 thoughts on “Any good hospitals in Chicago?

  1. Urban Guy says:

    Rush Presbyterian; University of Chicago Hospital; Loyola Medical Center. These are probably reputed best per my RN wife.

  2. exclusvmrreed says:

    i would reccomend the university of chicago medical center. i have worked there for about three and a half yrs now. my experiences there have been great. i also reccomend rush university medical center. my doctor is on staff there. rush is excellent!!

  3. Tina Joy! says:

    Try Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago.

    Illinois Masonic Medical Center is another good one and last but not least, try applying at Children’s Memorial hospital in the Lincoln Park area. I worked there as a phlebotomist back in 1999.

    Good luck! :o)

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