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Any advice for me on pursuing a nursing career?

by tom44 on September 10, 2012

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Question by Tu Latina 😉: Any advice for me on pursuing a nursing career?
Ok, so I decided to become a CNA so I can work in the field while going through school to become an RN. I did this because my parents have enough bills and i feel bad asking for money for my education. And I do not want to get a loan either. So I got my license about two or three weeks ago and I have been seeking employment but have had no luck. I have not given up nor will I give up, but it doesn’t make you feel too good when they tell you they have turned you down because of lack of experience, It does bring e down to think that I have gone through all of this and now I’m still stuck without a job. The only interview I have is to be a hospital volunteer, I know this will look good on my resume, but I was hoping to work and do that on my spare time while I put money away to start college in the spring. It looks like I might not be able to do that, which is another hing that brings me down. So any word of advice for an unemployed, inexperienced CNA hoping to become an RN in Miami FL?

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Answer by ms.marie
Never give up on your dreams. Faith doesnt put you through anything that you can not handle.

As far as school. Shoot, go to school and get financial aid for school. You may have to get a student loan. If so, do it. You can pay it back when you graduate. Plus you will get a stipend which is income. Again you have to pay it back.

You might have to try through a temp agency or something for the STNA( that is what we call it where I live)

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