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Any advice for a young woman moving to San Francisco?

by tom44 on May 15, 2013

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Question by Amy: Any advice for a young woman moving to San Francisco?
I am a young woman, graduating from college and moving to San Francisco for a job. Can anyone offer me any advice? Best neighborhood to live in for young professionals? Any info about public transportation. Good bars/nightlife? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by ajtheactress
Best neighborhood will depend on what you are interested in and your budget. For a realistic idea of rents in various neighborhoods check out craig list.

Public transportation is good enough in SF that many residents, myself included, live without autos. There are also 2 car share programs that are a good alternative to owning a car.

Bars and nighlife is diverse. Again it will depend on what you are interested in and your budget. There are many small theatres and music venues along with the larger clubs and concert halls.

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2 thoughts on “Any advice for a young woman moving to San Francisco?

  1. fmaster9796 says:

    The neighborhoods here are so different, I can’t really recommend anything without knowing what kind of person you are except to say that I wouldn’t live in the Tenderloin, between 9th and 5th within a block of Market St, the Western Addition (roughly bordered by Haight, Geary, Divisadero, and Gough), the Mission, Bayview (southeast part of the city), Hunters Point (southeast), Visitacion Valley (south central), or Lakeview (near Daly City BART).

    Good nightlife is to be had all over the city. Make friends who know the city and they’ll show you the way.

    MUNI sucks, BART sucks, and the taxi drivers suck but driving is such a hassle they’re a necessary evil.

    All that said, this is one of the greatest cities in the world. You will not regret moving here.

  2. GH LIASON FAN says:

    I am a big fan of the Richmond district. It is close to a lot of the main bus lines especially the 38 Geary and is near the bus stops for the express buses that run during commuting hours. Also, the neighborhoods are close to tons of restaurants and stores. It’s got a lot of people but is still fairly quiet compared to other neighborhoods and it’s a lot safe than areas like the Mission, Sunset, Geneva areas. The best way that I could describe San Francisco is that its a real homey Metro city. It’s got all the famous tourist attractions, fancy shopping and dining, but doesn’t have a pretentiousness about it. Also, San Francisco, has a really great public transportation system, is close to a lot of other destinations like Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Reno, Gilroy, etc. which can all be reached by car or tour buses which are very cheap.

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