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AMP-3 full medical kit – survival expo

by tom44 on July 18, 2013

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I stopped by fellow youtuber USNERDOC’s booth at the survival expo in Las Vegas to take a look at his medical kit. My channel… Drivers in Las Vegas may not be fully protected without Med Pay. Find out how Medical Pay…
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12 thoughts on “AMP-3 full medical kit – survival expo

  1. CrotalusKid1 says:

    adult dose of epi, tell? me

  2. USNERDOC says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome video! Excellent work. It was? great meeting you and we appreciate the support.

  3. StandardAI says:

    also IV kit, etc..?

  4. StandardAI says:

    what dis really needs is sutures, antibiotics, and epinephrine for? allergies

  5. GunWebsites says:

    Even though I own one of these, I still enjoy watching the Doc explain the kit. I learn new things bout it and how to? use it each time

    Thanks for posting this one

  6. Wysiwyg101 says:

    I’ve looked into the AMP-3 guys and they really know what they are doing are far as medical kits go. I wished I could afford it.I bought a pretty comprehensive First Aid Kit from Sam’s (did a video on my channel, check it out) for about $20-30. I’ve added stuff to it, but it is nothing at all like what the AMP-3 guys can do. Great video. Stay safe and shoot straight.?

  7. rls303 says:

    We get a really good Gunshow every 6 to 8 weeks but as far as anything else that,s about it,unless there keeping? it a secret from us Country Boys !!! Take care

  8. mixflip says:

    Unfortunately alot of these comprehensive med kits are expensive. Go to any gun show that sells med kits and they will be expensive. Plus his has a dental kit which is almost never included in other kits. At least with AMP-3 we get to know alot about David who builds the kits. Knowing its built by a Navy ER Dr. vs just some guy who read a book is comforting since he really knows his stuff. I’d pay a bit more for that level of detail and quality since I have? an EMT background myself.

  9. mixflip says:

    Thats too bad. I hear great things about Texas as far as gun laws go. You’d think being so close to wildland fire, tornado and hurricane country? You’d think there be more survivalist in Texas than anywhere else.?

  10. rls303 says:

    We never get? these shows in the Austin area ,So Thanks once again for putting these videos out

  11. commandorando123 . says:

    Nice but alittle? expensive

  12. stickfiguresmaster says:

    HHInjuryAttorney? is gay

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