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America’s Deadliest Jobs

by tom44 on March 23, 2014

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At least two people are dead and dozens injured — including up to 10 with amputated limbs — after two bombs tore through the finish line of the Boston Mara…
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14 thoughts on “America’s Deadliest Jobs

  1. mrlolanonymous says:

    All that’s good is a 5% possibility that the next terrorist will be
    stopped, but I did not say a lock down is all good did I? It has more
    negatives then the singular positive. The possible hostility here is
    unasked for. I will leave you with this comment.

  2. Christine Miller says:

    So sad

  3. TheBestOfUppropfdr says:

    Terrible …. let praiy for injured

  4. Ruben Lavadenz says:


  5. TheBestOfUppropfdr says:

    I am shocked.

  6. CSSDragonlord says:

    Because it will Furthers their agenda to try to lock down the U.S. and have
    a military presents or (DHS) everywhere. Also every time there seems to be
    some kind of an attack, the government seems to be doing a drill, usually
    based on the exact same scenario. It is just my initial reaction, they have
    done this type of crap many times to start wars in other countries or to
    get dragged in to war.

  7. tim Sipple says:


  8. CSSDragonlord says:

    How could there be anything good about a military lock-down….and I am
    pretty sure there are National Defense Protocols in Place already and have
    been for quite some time. Let me leave you with this quote: “They who can
    give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve
    neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin……One of Our Founding Fathers

  9. Joshua Brigoli says:

    i pray for them but has anyone tolld you your voice sounds like Zoidberg
    from futurama?

  10. mrlolanonymous says:

    How do you figure? I am not disagreeing or agreeing, but I am all ears to

  11. mrlolanonymous says:

    Many people thought the same way to the 9/11 incident. Having a military
    lock-down could be a good and bad thing, but if they do need something like
    that so badly, there should be a national defence protocol they can turn to
    instead of framing terrorist attacks.

  12. CSSDragonlord says:

    Another Government inside job as far as i’m concerned.

  13. LawlessNate says:

    fuck you for using this tragedy to try and get youtube views. You have no
    new information and coudln’t even bother to get actual footage. Absolutly
    disrespectfull of the people who died.

  14. Nicholai Senchuk says:

    an explosion posably a bomb ru fucken stupid

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