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American Jobs Act: One Million Jobs: The Michael London Show Season 2

by tom44 on April 29, 2014

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American Jobs Act: One Million Jobs: The Michael London Show Season 2 you can write this clergy organization if you would like to participate in this movemen…
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5 thoughts on “American Jobs Act: One Million Jobs: The Michael London Show Season 2

  1. Michael London says:

    New Videos Today, Make Sure You Comment, Rate,? Share, Twit and? Facebook!
    Thanks so much!!! Michael London-

  2. The Mistress says:

    @CHRISTIANchickTV The New Testament encourages Christians to be in church.
    Who leads a church? A pastor. What does he do? (And it’s almost always a
    “he.”) He interprets the bible for everyone else. If a person doesn’t agree
    with his interpretation, that person is judged as being disobedient to
    God’s word. Case in point…Harold Camping. He preached from the bible
    since 1959, having a loyal following on some of the most respected
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  3. The Mistress says:

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  4. The Mistress says:

    @CHRISTIANchickTV Why haven’t the rapture happened yet? Why hasn’t the end
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    there’s Jimmy Swaggart, Peter Poppov, Jim & Tammy Baker, Pat Robertson
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  5. The Mistress says:

    @CHRISTIANchickTV Why should you care? Why bring it around to that? Wow,
    faith stops people from thinking. Slaves for Christ….

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