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Am I Smart Enough to become a DOCTOR with these grades????????????????????????…?

by tom44 on June 18, 2014

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Question by GoodAnZers: Am I Smart Enough to become a DOCTOR with these grades????????????????????????…?
Am I Smart Enough to become a DOCTOR with these grades????????????????????????…
Am I Smart Enough to become a DOCTOR with these grades????????????????????????…

Please help me! I’m am a sophmore at high school am I reaaly want to become a doctor and study pre-med in college and go to medical school. I want to go to a good college to study pre-medl like Penn state, northwestern, Boston university, university of california, and more. But my grades I think might be an issue. These are my grades and please tell me if they are good to get into med school and what I should do if they are not good enough? I’m in all pre-ib courses or advanced courses.

social studies-95

total average: 85 unweighted, about 87 weighted

please help me!!!!!

Additional Details
I took biology last year a got a 85 average overall.

If you can, can you please give me your age or what grad you are in because I want to see whose point if view you are answering from. Like someone my age’s opinion compared to an adult or college student.

Also I play football in high school right now. I am pretty good but don’t really think about playing football in college yet. I just live playing football for fun and I take it very seriously. Do you think that I should call it quits and not play football in my junior and senior year so I can get my grades up for college and med school or do you think that playing football will look good on college transcripts. Or do you have any alternate ways for me to resolve this issue. I really like football and it motivates me, but if these grades weren’t good enogj than it’s probably because of football also.



WEIGHTED: 88.078

I TAKE ALL ADVANCED PRE-IB CLASSES. Next year I will take regualar physics and IB CHEMISTRY along with a Sports Medicine class.

Also Football makes me excited to come to school and it makes me m ore determined to do good in school and take that responsibility.

Best answer:

Answer by Teacher
I am a 63 year old retired teacher.
If, and that’s a big if, you can get all A’s through high school, you might have a small chance. The competition for med school is very strong.
(I would think that for all A’s, you would need to drop football.)

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