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Airport – Job World – Seattle

by tom44 on November 27, 2012

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Battlefield 3 time 🙂 Twitter: Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “Airport – Job World – Seattle

  1. Hugo Burton says:

    You? can pick up other people’s classes.

  2. conorhennessy1 says:

    ok i? see what you mean. and he also had an rpg on his back? hacking perhaps??

  3. millerjesse98 says:

    I’m talking about the? guy at 2:27. Don’t question my battlefield 3 knowledge

  4. conorhennessy1 says:

    UMP 45!?

  5. BobhulioONLINE says:


  6. stewarttellman says:

    Don’t question the Nanners.?

  7. CH33Z8URGR says:

    Adam should write the president’s speeches. That would be? a beautiful thing.

  8. hurdlejulian says:

    wtf is this?? why are these seananner videos everywhere? guess where im coming from…
    yes kitten videos…one piece soundtrack… and :-O “how to make your own? snow”

  9. Zeb Johnson says:

    Sounds like the chihuahuas need some bark collars.? Rrrrrrr ruff * zap*

  10. TheLivingPictures says:

    0:00 SeaNanners’ parody of bigmooney06… I just got? mindfucked.

  11. anthraxman says:

    I love this empathy talk while? shooting people in the face. 😀

  12. mystery512 says:

    Number 1 life rule: Dont be a dick.?

  13. NuclearSharkhead says:

    Lattes! Rowrowrowrowrowrrrr!!!? Hahahaha

  14. hayzeus666 says:

    uh… c-130s. there are still prop jets? around.

  15. xccckwankly says:

    Gaming and life advice !?

  16. wizmathias2 says:

    Just go? arund vif a RPG

  17. Camambert2 says:

    MAGIC!!!? or he just picked it up. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.

  18. millerjesse98 says:

    A-91 on? recon?

  19. fungunsforu says:


  20. Uncle Rell says:

    more BF3!!!!?

  21. smuje says:

    propellers? what kinda planes do they? have over there?

  22. jorgeizDShiznit says:

    lattes rawr rawr? rawr rawrr!! haha

  23. OandC123 says:

    i played? with u in a lobby on canals tdm.

  24. Eric Skaggs says:

    I was watching this and Im like… HOW IS HE GETTING SO MANY KILLS!!! These people SUCK!

    “Press and Hold X to pick up”

    Oh…? he’s on console.

  25. Jaimin Patel says:

    that’s not how u reply to? people

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