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Air Transport jobs in 1947

by tom44 on November 30, 2012

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More Super Connie and DC3-6 footage
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12 thoughts on “Air Transport jobs in 1947

  1. irish89055 says:

    what’s with showing the B-17 D’s? at the end… hmmm keen competition? you bet at end of war. Love the hostess ummm cakes..

  2. walkandlookup says:

    08:33 Cub??

  3. Johnny Rottencrotch says:


    “Funny detail: stewardess must be SINGLE?”

    In Ireland, until the late 1970’s a young? lady employed by the government in any Civil Service position had to RESIGN when she got married.

    The “theory” behind this was 2-fold: 1) Daddy earned the living and mom stayed home, did the house work and raised kids.

    2) It opened more employment for men.

  4. packrellerey says:

    Nice try. Keep? it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. GFHJYG

  5. scubawrestler says:

    Marital status and age requirements were changed in the mid 70s here in the States. They were originally applied to keep the work force looking young and to avoid having absences by? mothers who were taking care of their children.
    The few Stewards were also required to be single.

  6. Pouria Pa says:

    Star? of Persian cool in Persian Alfabet..07:07

  7. Avantime says:

    In some Middle Eastern airlines (e.g. Qatar) the? flight attendants can and will be sacked for getting married without permission, It’s written in the employment contract I think.

  8. krbosak says:

    Funny? detail: stewardess must be SINGLE? I can understand partially the age requirement, even if also quite strange. Say the sector was booming. But martial status?

  9. hudson501 says:

    Wonderful ground shots of a Chicago and Southern Air Lines DC-4, not to mention the TWA 049 Constellation taxing and taking off! Looks like the majority of this promotional film was shot at Chicago’s Midway Airport original terminal then located at the SE corner by 63rd St. and Cicero Ave.?

  10. Andybucker says:

    We are mentioned the last…?

  11. mbazell says:

    What ever happened to the airline offices in downtown skyscrapers? and hotels? That was a great service to the business traveller.

  12. fordroad says:

    Having worked in the airline Industry in Australia late 1960’s Reservations Cargo,telecommunications network teleprinters/teletype in this film are shown.
    Computers replaced the human factors plus the large increase volume of planes? higher air speeds an greater passenger & cargo load. WELL DONE.

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