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Advice needed: looking for a job in the US?

by tom44 on April 28, 2014

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Question by Anecdotique_76: Advice needed: looking for a job in the US?
I’m from Spain, 30. Master degree in corporate communications and 8 years experience in the industry, specialising in financial comms. Currently working as an adviser. Fluent in English, French and Spanish and medium knowledge of German. I would like to find a job in the US but I find that moving there is very hard now, no foreign people admitted unless they already have a job offer. However, I think that there might be companies interested in my profile, due to my language skills. But it is difficult to get to contact them from here. Where can a look for vacancies? Which are the main job websites in the US? I would also appreciate any suggestion, advice from you.
Thank you for your help!

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Answer by Rhapsody
Try to get a job for a university. Just pick which university you’d like to work at and google it. They always have an employment page where you can apply.

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3 thoughts on “Advice needed: looking for a job in the US?

  1. mtnsky says:

    stay away, the job market in USA is closed to foreigners for a reason. USA students graduating have a hard time finding good job much less with somebody taking their job away from them.

  2. jlnatc says:

    i would look for a job in Washington DC with international relations. Yahoo has a job search engine as well as monster jobs or just search for jobs with the government. good luck!

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