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Advertising Assistant Jobs in San Diego

by tom44 on June 10, 2013

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Eleven hundred CNA nurses on 7/15/2010 from throughout California went to Meg Whitman’s mansion in Atherton, California to protest her attacks on workers. Th…
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8 thoughts on “Advertising Assistant Jobs in San Diego

  1. imedina650 says:

    woo wooh! thats my school! i was there during the summer and i can hear them from my class!! .. i want to be a nurse and i know that in the Bay Area? they get paid very good! and a lot of competition, i am 20 years old and how will this affect me? i dont know much about politics. ~Thanks

  2. BRS5 says:

    I work for Tenet as an RN. on EXHAUSTING 13 hour shifts, STRAIGHT PAY!! We have NO Pension!!! We do not get our Breaks!! I love the patients, and treat them like my own family, for 26 years now! I have a simple 401 K, NOT a pension. VOTE JERRY BROWN, A Public Servant. MEG SUCKS. SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE> WHAT PENSION? Most nurses don’t have one!!!?

  3. JohnRhysMusician says:

    It isn’t misinformation. Conservatism is the antithesis of ideology. It’s policy process is a system of? trial and error with a general respect for tradition. If you look at the states with the highest levels of unionization- Michigan and New York-concentrated around Detroit and Upstate New York respectively those areas don’t look so hot do they?

  4. JohnRhysMusician says:

    It is actually stupid. These Californian’s don’t realize what? unionization has done to California’s government, economy, and educational system. California public workers and union workers are greedy, and refuse to participate in the free market and get paid a fair wage. They scoff at the notion that they should have a 401k like average Americans; instead demand a pension. They also in turn team up with illegals who drive wages down. Modern liberalism is stupid and destructive.

  5. rharharhu says:

    — That’s what you? call democracy…. 😉 Clearly Meg Whitman has lost her sense of morality! Such a shame!

  6. rharharhu says:



  7. JohnRhysMusician says:

    This is pathetic. You don’t go protesting in someones hometown in front of their? house.

  8. 1rustyb says:

    Local 2 Here, hotel workers SF will rally? in front of the 4 Seasons hotel at 4 pm Thursday. Let your voices be heard!

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