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Administrative Networking or Computer Forensics?

by tom44 on April 26, 2014

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Question by 🙂: Administrative Networking or Computer Forensics?
i’m in a technical high school and i am taking networking as my tech program. I’m not sure if i should become a networker or study computer forensics after i finish high school.

What is your opinion?
which one is better?
which one makes more money and how much?
thanks for your help, any type of information helps.
i am going to have my networking degree in like a year do i am wondering if forensics is better

Best answer:

Answer by LUIS ROSA
well first i go to a technical college and well am a PC techinician i do love computers and working on them so in my opinion start off with the basics first to see if you like the program. now it may seem kinda fun messing with wires or just messing around but its a lot of work to do and plus you may need to know a lot of commands on the computer but if you learn quickly and like doing computers then i suggest you go for it. it may seem like all fun and games but is really hard in school and plus you need to get certified for networking just to get a job. and networking depends on what type of position you wanna be in also there is a lot for Network Administrator etc… so if you like computers and work with servers and those good stuff then work for it if not then choose to what is your liking. also

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