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A High School Rockstar – “Jobs & Jokes” Part 1/3

by tom44 on April 22, 2014

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Trish walks in Sonic Boom and sees Austin, Ally, Lexi, Aaron, Dez and Tyler all crowding at the counter. Trish: Guess who got a job at Pizza world! Austin: S…
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4 thoughts on “A High School Rockstar – “Jobs & Jokes” Part 1/3

  1. virgilio escoto m. says:


  2. LoveHasGotItsWays23 says:

    Tyler: Well, for the past two months, you’ve had almost 148 different jobs.
    Dez: That averages to… something. Aaron: Wow, you’re good at math. Dez:
    Thanks. I love Aaron, lol!! 🙂

  3. HyperSilver123 says:

    Hey, AustinAndAllyWiki, I just thought of a great idea! A High School
    Rockstar should have a Hunger Games themed episode..Their descendants
    names: Austin Moon: Balthar Duncain Ally Dawson: Althea Overwhill Trish de
    la Rosa: Vibia Wellwood Dez: Griffin Aldjoy Lexi Reed: Blye Lockhearst
    Aaron Moon: Septimus Duncain Tyler Fox: Leporis Baxwoll

  4. AustinAndAllyWiki says:

    That’s a great idea 🙂 I might take that into account… WHo knows, you
    might see it in the Season 3 of A High School Rockstar 🙂

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