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A friend and I are moving to Las Vegas sometime this summer. Are many jobs available?

by tom44 on May 12, 2013

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Question by Terry H: A friend and I are moving to Las Vegas sometime this summer. Are many jobs available?
I’ve read everything from jobs are everywhere to it could take up to 6 months or more to find a job. We are in no particular job market. So which is it? We are both in our mid 20’s and just really need a fresh start. Any advice? What kinds of jobs are available, if any? What should we do to ensure we aren’t returning home after a few months broke and broken? Any kind of advice or ideas or even just knowledge of the city would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by SLam
A lot of service jobs, of course (cleaning, cooking, serving, deliverying, etc). Given the nature of the place and the type of people who go there, you might encounter the worse of the worse. Be careful and leave -if it doesn’t feel right. It’s best to return home broke (money wise) than broke in the other sense. Get it?

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7 thoughts on “A friend and I are moving to Las Vegas sometime this summer. Are many jobs available?

  1. i luv ur shenanigans says:

    In all honesty if you dont already have a job appointment, moving to Vegas isnt necessarily the best idea. I live here, and we are getting tons and tons of people moving to Vegas all the time now. We are the largest growing city in all of US!

    That is sort of a double negative, im not trying to discourage you, but with more and more people moving in, and the economy the way it is, jobs aren’t really that plentiful, and there’s a lot of competition. That, and also the notion that you can strike it rich, people new to Vegas tend to gamble and often times lose everything they have just a month or two after getting here.

    I know ive given you nothing but negatives here, but i would say that you and your friend take a short little trip to Vegas before you decide to move out here. Maybe apply for jobs online and when you guys come down here, but i would highly recommend against completely moving down here and then trying to find jobs and such. Jobs vary, everything from cooking and hospitality to cab drivers and of course dealers, but everything is a little tight these days, so just dont put all your eggs in one basket, you know what i mean,

    Good Luck

  2. banananose_89117 says:

    This is NOT the time to move to Vegas where unemployment is 10%. State, county and city entities have frozen jobs. Casinos are laying off people right and left, including upper management. At least one casino is talking of closing. Businesses are closing.

    Apartments are very high and those most affordable may not be in an area you would want to live. You need a car because the bus system is not reliable and requires many changes to get any distance.

    Sorry but unless you are rich or have a relative to “visit” better you not move to Vegas

  3. lvgeno says:

    The fact is that the job market here is horrible. Most companies are laying off. The only ones hiring are the police force, medical fields and grocery stores. Most companies will hire people who are very experienced and have lived her for awhile. The reason is so many people move here and find they don’t like it in a few months and leave. They want people who will stay with them after they invest in their training. Advise is not to move here at this time.

  4. Devo says:

    Well, in the past year, I’ve lived in Portland, Phoenix, Dayton, and Las Vegas/Henderson. Out of all of them, I got a job in Vegas the fastest. I personally think this place is bustling with jobs, so long as you’re willing to after them. There are still jobs to be found in off strip casinos, and many local places are doing moderate hiring.
    Craig’s list is your friend. So are any and all casino websites. That’s where I’ve always gotten work. However, if you do work in a casino, you’ll need to be sure and get your TAM and health cards all straightened out.
    If you do move down here, be sure to stay in a decent part of town. Look into Henderson area. Stay out of central vegas and the Nellis area. Stuff by the Galleria isn’t the best, but it’s moderatly nice, and won’t run you an arm and a leg.
    Best way to ensure your security here is to look nice, and have your ducks in a row. Looks will take you far (esp. on the strip), and a nice looking resume wouldn’t hurt.
    That’s the best I’ve got lol. Yuo can email me if you have any other questions.

  5. Smiley says:

    I wouldn’t move there unless you already have jobs lined up. Right now Vegas is struggling, most if not all major construction projects have been put on hold.

    Unemployment is going up..and those who have jobs are holding on to them because there aren’t any others to be had.

  6. jesser says:

    don’t let all these people scare you saying you’re not going to find a job and that moving down there without one is stupid.
    my best friend just moved down there from our tiny little town and she went down there by herself and didn’t have any friends or know anything. she lined up a handful of jobs within 1 week and got offered them all so had the luxury of picking and choosing which ones she wanted to accept. keep in mind she is a girl and as shallow as it sounds she’s stereotypically what most people would call “hot”. vegas is a shallow industry, so if you look good, it definately helps – especially if you’re trying to get a job at one of the nightclubs, pools, or hotspot restaurants. my friend works at one of the top nightclubs there as a waitress and makes pretty dang good money on tips and she starts a day job at a pool/bar when it opens up.
    to be honest, if you’re into the clubbing thing, i would try to crack into the nightclub industry – that’s how she’s made it. she met a lot of people right away. she moved there knowing no one and a month later she has the hookup like you wouldn’t believe. and connections are everything now adays – especially in a town like vegas.

  7. Ife says:

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