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A few questions about some US Navy Jobs.?

by tom44 on March 27, 2014

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Question by jcarroll4213: A few questions about some US Navy Jobs.?
I am looking into joining the US Navy. There is a few jobs I am interested in so I am looking to get a little background info on a few of these.

First is Damage Controlman (DC).
Second is Hospital Corpsman (Possibly merged with the Dental Assistant?).
And lastly, Storekeepers. I am assuming storekeepers are the logistics field of the Navy.

Stuff I would like to find out is, how often do these jobs spend out at sea? What types of environments would I most likely spend most of my time at? How is the training compared to getting a civilian job outside of the Navy? Are the jobs actually enjoyable compared to other Navy jobs.

Really, any information you may have pertaining to these jobs would be really appreciated. Just trying to wrap my head around this stuff.

Best answer:

Answer by Jerry D
Okay… Way too much to answer here!!! But let me give it a shot! But the bottom line is talk to your recruiter… and surf the web… the info is out there too!

First… DC… this is a Sea-instensive rate… There is not allot of “damage control” to do except on ships! A great job if you want to become a firefighter as a civilian! Great advancement opportunity!

Second… HM… did merge w/ DT a couple of years ago… Corpsman are medical technicians… everything and anything medical… only bad part about this rate is the slow advancement to E5. If you want to work w/ USMC.. you can do that, and even go in the field with them and deploy under the FMF (Fleet Marine Force) program.

Finally, SK… yes, totally logistics… and that is how the job compares to the civilian world… warehouse tech, forklift operator… etc

As for the enjoyable part… any job is what you make of it, and I’ve found that it’s the people that make the job enjoyable. Of course all have those nasty little jobs like cleaning bed pans (HM) or unclogging the toilet (DC)… but those are not that frequent, and only usually while you are junior… (first year)….

Everyone fears the unknown… having been there, done that… I’m telling you… EMBRACE IT! Make YOUR choice and enjoy the ride!!!!

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2 thoughts on “A few questions about some US Navy Jobs.?

  1. VidaLoca Libertarian says:

    DC- ALWAYS at sea!!! That is a rate that is strickly responsible for controlling fires aboard our ships, so your time “deployed” will be most of your career.
    HM and SK- VERY slow advancement. HM can go to the Fleet Marine Force to be a Corpsman for the Marine Corps or work on a ship or shore station. SK can be stationed ANYWHERE. Again, expect to be in 6 years to make E-5 and 10-14 to make E-6 in these rates!!

  2. mrsjvb says:

    DC: always at sea.
    HM: seldom at sea, LOTS of time deployed with Marines. Sea duty doesn’t come until you are an IDC( long about E5 or so)
    SK: all shore duty is being converted to civilian contractors.

    DC are NOT firefighters,although that is part of their job description. you would still need to attend the Fire Academy.
    HM certs do NOT transfer over to civilian. you would either have to take the exams or take the training again, depending on state.
    SK is Logistics/Supply. easily translatable to the civilian sector.

    HM is full up. hard to get a slot, you could easily be waiting 9 months to ship out to Boot Camp. Impossible if you are Female.

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