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A Day at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

by tom44 on March 15, 2014

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Your Future Begins Now! Thank you for your interest in military service. We’d like to tell you about the Military Entrance Processing Station, known as a MEP…
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17 thoughts on “A Day at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

  1. AcidJamCrew says:


  2. txturtlelytiger says:

    @coyote7272 : ………..coward.

  3. justin2800 says:

    thumbs up for UNIBROW at 0:46

  4. Carson0524 says:

    Shit they put me up in a 4 star hotel.

  5. MrBluepyro says:

    can you really go too jail for not mentioning something they asked?

  6. Cletus Biggum says:



    I hope I PASS!!!!!!!! im gonna have no clue what to do in life if I get

  8. rjbonacolta says:

    Why would anyone, ever, think it would be ok to bring “illegal items” to an
    army processing station? Or for God’s sakes why go commando? You aren’t
    even trained yet!

  9. inu5450 says:

    Very informative to know what to expect, thanks

  10. ashley mashburn says:

    this was going to meps here in about a wk.god im nervous as

  11. King Koopa says:

    Underwear is Manditory NO FREE BAlling 😀

  12. Rashad Ashchi says:

    hurry up and wait

  13. john badcock says:

    oh shit i have a phobia for needles well this is gonna suck lol

  14. FalloutRadius says:

    Thank you for uploading this video! It was very informative!

  15. CivilWarPanda says:

    dear good meps fucking sucks. after that basic has to be easy haha. the
    hotel was awesome though. sleep number bed FTW

  16. TheBassgorilla says:

    the hotel is ok. but fucking A meps is literaly the longest day ever…
    scanning finger prints, signing 100 different forms, sitting in a room
    while they tell you about random stuff… taking a test thats 2 hours long,
    getting blood work taken, pissing in a room full of dudes with a srg
    staring at you, getting your eyes checking, getting a physical….. its a
    long ass day that was only like 1/4th of the stuff u do.. by the way i made
    a 87 on the asvab .. just thought id throw that out there lol

  17. BAlexander800 says:

    Yeah, its a long day. If you go as an officer however you get to go
    straight through. Not the worst, but everyone is always pushed here.

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