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A Day At MEPS Pt 1/2 – Hotel, Transportation, Etc.

by tom44 on September 24, 2012

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Join The California Army National Guard. Most Guard soldiers serve part time, two days a month and two weeks during the summer. We offer the same jobs, pay, training, uniforms and benefits as the active duty, we just serve part time as reservists. For more info, contact Staff Sergeant Brito at 562.900.0575 or visit **The Evaluation** The primary job of MEPS is to determine whether or not you are qualified to serve in the United States Armed Forces, and — if so, what jobs you may qualify for. The first step in that process, of course, is obviously the ASVAB which determines what jobs you qualify for. MEPS personnel also determine whether you are medically qualified to serve. Additionally, representatives of the service branch you’re joining will be at MEPS to determine your job and security qualifications. While these individuals “work” at the MEPS location, they are not actually part of MEPS. They are actually assigned to the indivdual service recruiting activities. So, while the person giving you your ASVAB Test and medical physical are assigned to MEPS, and work jointly for all the services, the people doing your enlistment contracts, job selections, and security qualifications are not assigned to MEPS, and are representing only their individual services. At most MEPS locations, one of the very first things you’ll do when you arrive in the morning is take a breathalizer test to ensure that you are not currently under the influence of alcohol
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25 thoughts on “A Day At MEPS Pt 1/2 – Hotel, Transportation, Etc.

  1. OhioSwagg says:

    whats the difference? between the army national guard and just the Army? Im thinking about joining the army

  2. Chihirios10 says:

    that is considered a day xD?

  3. cooldog60 says:

    You? are cute!

  4. beloon1970 says:

    join the military now you are just stupid. Before you enlist you should go talk to several war vets from vietnam,gulf wars etc. To get the real deal on what its like.Watch the youtube video “before you enlist”and you will find out just how little? the government cares about you.

  5. SwagOMGTV says:

    You’re not? there all day I was up there for probably 12 hours max.

  6. PEREZCHOOCH says:

    What branch did you join and? do you like it

  7. Soldier1287 says:

    @combatjm89 Check? the latest video

  8. Soldier1287 says:

    @combatjm89 Regular? Mines not that long. ? Hmm you be the judge. I have some videos. How long do you think my hair is

  9. combatjm89 says:

    Whatever branch you join I beg of you – REMEMBER YOUR OATH! If you have never read the Constitution and Bill of Rights – READ THEM! That is what you are swearing to? protect against all enemies foreign AND domestic. And there are more domestic enemies every day, in our own government, who don’t honor their oaths. And learn the difference between a lawful and an unlawful order. Check out oathkeepers . org and watch the first video on the right (with the flag on it). Please think about it!

  10. combatjm89 says:

    Back in ’83-84 I had hair over my shoulders. My wife started cutting it shorter for me, and when I shipped in Mar ’85 it was about 2″-3″ long – a regular length. You don’t want to shave your head, or look like a rock star? either. You want to blend in with everyone else on that bus when you throw yourself off of it! Do not attract attention to yourself… or you’ll have a few DIs doing surround-sound around your head – bad breath and all. Cut it to a “regular” length, just my $.02. I lived it.

  11. combatjm89 says:

    They dig on? an initial I meant, and the more questions they have the more they dig…

  12. combatjm89 says:

    “fraudulent enlistment” – withhold nothing. You don’t want anything holding you back in the future. What if you get to re-up for a great MOS and need a? TS clearance? They did on an initial, believe me. I told my recruiter about a SEALED juvenile offense. He went to the courthouse, and there was a record, but he couldn’t see it. But I got a waiver for it and I was good to go. This was 1984… So don’t hide anything, especially in the digital age. It’s out there somewhere…

  13. combatjm89 says:

    I remember my poor recruiter back in ’84 – SSG David Marsh, USA. After hello, I told him flat out – my dad was active and reserves since WWII, my brother is a Nam vet and a former DI. I grew up around this. Don’t lie to me. And? he smiled and said he wouldn’t. He never did. And about going to MEPS healthy – I had athlete’s foot at the bottom of my spine and flunked (got it at the gym). It cost me getting a Special Forces Medic contract (got 82nd airborne commo). Should have went 11B Ranger BN…

  14. williamdownsjr says:

    my comment is that ur beautiful n also u r very? detail about everything

  15. Soldier1287 says:

    Im a guy and I have long hair. Do I have to cut it? I don’t think I should because I thought you get your head shaved when you arrive? at boot camp

  16. imLeGit857 says:

    whatever happens no is your best friend and don’t choose to be a cook, its the shittiest? job in the military.

  17. TheKidMusicOnline says:

    You will be? prosecuted and discharged for failure to submit all information at the time of Enlistment.

  18. Card0Sold says:

    I feel guilty because I’m not even 18? but you have some nice lips 8)

  19. jamezbond78 says:

    Don’t join? the military! We need you here to defend us from our own government.

  20. edward198424 says:

    Yeah i would like? to know also.

  21. edward198424 says:

    So say you lie (withhold telling them about something, maybe something medical) and get in the military and then complete your first 3 years without them finding out. To reinlist can you then disclose this information and not? be penalized/prosecuted?

  22. Lafset10 says:

    full background check…they have to make sure your worthy…so that includes credit,? law violations, medical…and even your high school incidents

  23. Shaquale1986 says:

    Do they do a credit check on you as well I have been watching some other MEPS video and some people say there is a credit check is? this true?

  24. walletphonekeys says:

    i did my asvab and passed my phsy and medical screenings, would it be a bad idea if i wanted to? talk to an army recruiter even though a navy recruiter helped me do all this? i havent actually selected a job or sworn in, but i feel like i want to switch….because of the job selections and such. is it too late?

  25. JesusismyGod1000 says:

    Thanks!!!!!!! I can’t? WAIT!!! For bootcamp!:[€]

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