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A Day At MEPS – Final Hour, Swear In, Ceremony Room

by tom44 on July 8, 2014

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25 thoughts on “A Day At MEPS – Final Hour, Swear In, Ceremony Room

  1. Collin Berend says:

    So help me God? Take that shit out of there. If it is optional, it sure is
    encouraged when she says it.?

  2. Cameron Anderson says:

    That Will Be Me One Day. #AirForceBound?

  3. Joshua Meyers says:

    will be doing this Monday at my local meps. I cant friggin wait. ive been
    working for it for the better part of a year.?

  4. Josue Rivers says:

    Will be doing this on Thursday.. How does this video receive dislikes??

  5. Jessica Moore says:

    U can bring family members I went to my brothers

  6. flip bugrr says:

    so contradictory…first you swear to protect the constitution, but then
    you have the president signing away our freedoms in the constitution. WTF?

  7. DoubleOneZero1010 says:

    one of the guys standing there looks just like me. weird.?

  8. Divante Brown says:

    She said the exact same things at my swear in at LAX meps ! Same lady wow ?

  9. Cameron Anderson says:

    @John Strouse GoodLuck and Enjoy BMT and Just Make The Best Out of
    Everything BTW What Branch Are You Going To and What Was Your Asvab Score???

  10. NeonFox27 says:

    This will be me Thursday :)?

  11. KANIEL'S VLOGS says:

    I made a video giving tip for every test that you will be doing at MEPS…
    IF you are going soon be sure to give it a look, it might help… GOOD
    LUCK ?

  12. SharpSho0ter99 says:

    McLovin in the back on the right 2:20 :p
    Congrats to everyone. I pray I can join you soon!?

  13. Keamber Wilson says:

    Dallas turn up..! Lol jp this will be me on Friday..! Army nation ?

  14. michael lott says:

    that girl in the front totally mouthed most of it smh?

  15. evenhead1 says:

    no sign on bonus for my career field, but then again I’m active duty, if
    you’re looking for bonus’ you’re better off going guard.

  16. evenhead1 says:

    probably every service, when I went in I had Army, Marines, Air Force, and
    Navy at MEPS. lol, before I swore in I was waiting in a room of Marines and
    Air Force and one of the Marines candidates said “Air Force over there and
    Marines over here” so I go “Ah, so brains over here and muscle over there,
    huh” then the Marine pipes up “What’d you get on your ASVAB?” I said “97”,
    and he goes “98”. So I got put in my place, though I got the feeling he was
    jerking me around with his score

  17. Scrotie McTasty says:

    Well i for sure got the finger and so did my buddy that was with me. Maybe
    some do and some don’t who knows

  18. Jarred Nix says:

    Go die pls.

  19. 11bangbang says:

    When I swore in there only 4 of us.. Lot of kids here

  20. Michael Bennett says:

    Does anyone know the specific details on the physical? Such as eyesight?

  21. trigun890 says:

    hang on you’re saying i joined for the money? motherfucker i joined to
    protect my state and my country unlike you i fucking love the USA!

  22. dvon lantz says:

    It’s just like a regular doctors visit, I would’ve explained in detail, but
    it sad I had way to many words, OH and they also said think of it like a
    interview so don’t do any stupid or fall asleep,bc you’ll get in serious
    trouble. Other than that, that’s pretty much the whole day

  23. TheUsmc29 says:

    meps is hella fun what are you talkin bout

  24. darionwilliam says:

    Is this Marines or Army?

  25. thedonmynigg says:

    i did this on Tuesday

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