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99-ers Employment Rally Portland Oregon PART 2

by tom44 on September 11, 2013

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Part 2 of 2 clips. Filmed in Portland Oregon This is the second half of the video from the rally in Portland demanding jobs and not tax cuts. There are milli…

april 16.
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13 thoughts on “99-ers Employment Rally Portland Oregon PART 2

  1. TheMeltinResponse says:

    These people at the unemployment office have no souls it doesn’t seem. Doesn’t seem to even phase many that they deal with this clientel on a daily basis. Some of these offices have affirmative action blacks working in them too. My local welfare office does or hispanics behind? the counter.

  2. TheMeltinResponse says:

    I’ve been considering moving to Portland, but no matter where I lived, it seemed I experienced bad economies before so even if it is bad in Portland, I’d have nothing to lose I feel since its bad for me now on the other side of the country. It sounds like your situation is bad though and theres? people still who have no idea what its like standing in welfare lines with minorities and blacks all waiting to get services because they been comfortable too long.

  3. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thank you for this video of the real truth in this messed up town.? There are few jobs for people who really want to work. People who do not work cannot buy things and many businesses are going out of business now. I am going to the rally next Saturday and hopefully something will be done about the Worksource people over at Willow creek to give a damn about the unemployed. food banks are strapped and resources are thin in this town because so many are unemployed in this town. No one cares here.

  4. Pamela Pugh says:

    The real truth of the matter is that there are hardly any jobs here. The call centers are all GONE for good. The ones left have no voice mail or anything to get hold of the decision makers. NAAFTA has? elminated alot of jobs here and makes it legal for most companies to go and get wages that are lower elsewhere. The pastor that spoke is telling the truth of how bad it really is in this messed up state. Until NAAFTA is repealed things are not going to get better EVER. People need jobs.

  5. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thank the Lord for Jobs with Justice and the tape of this rally. I have nearly lost everthing because of the garbage and all the jobs that have been taken away from us here? in Portland for NO REASON. Every where I go there are lots of people at the employment office looking for work and you call there to try and get help finding work and they tell you there is ZIP they can do for you. Thank God for not giving up on us and of course not blaming us for being out of work.

  6. Pamela Pugh says:

    I was really sorry that I did not know about this rally in January. I have been unemployed from call center work since August of 2009 and wish I could of told my story. There are no jobs here and many companies are relocating elsewhere to find other cities with lower wages and that is what MSI did. If it was not for Jobs With Justice and their hard work here there would be no one in this town with the? compassion to care about us the unemployed. God Bless all of you people and caring about us.

  7. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thank God for this rally and your hard work. Things in Portland are bad.? you go to temp agency after temp service and they tell you there is work and they know they will never ever call you and discriminate against you for something you did not even do. I use a walker due to a car wreck and have been everywhere and all I hear is that we will call you when THEY DO NOT. Soup kitchens are full and homelessness shelters are full things are so bad in this city. They employers do not care about us.

  8. Pamela Pugh says:

    Loved this video of the real truth. Hopefully I will be able to go? to the next rally that you have downtown and introduce myself. I have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years now when the call center I was working for moved to Arkansas for lower wages. Thank God for someone that cares and gives a darn about the unemployed. Call center jobs are not coming back to Portland as well as the manufacturing jobs that have left here.

  9. Pamela Pugh says:

    Until things change in the way of attitudes at the Employment office and over the phone when you try and call employers and agencies things will never get better here in Portland. Call centers here are all gone and they are eliminating? all the entry level jobs. Having a college degree means nothing and never in a million years thought going to school and PCC meant going on the welfare rolls. I hate it here in Portland and feel they are eliminating the population for something I did not do.

  10. PhuckHue2 says:

    you going to have to be? underemployed for awhile. I know it sucks but there is really no other choice.

  11. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thank God for this organization fighting for our rights of the unemployed. I love these two videos. What makes me mad is the inability of any agencies to give a darn if you are unemployed or not. Called the Employment department 2 weeks ago and they told me “there is nothing we can do for you period”. Then Goodwill called me? today and all the lady said over and over was “I can’t help you” I can’t help You and “I can’t help you. Until things change here in Portland things will never get better.

  12. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thank God for fighting for our jobs. It has been two and a half years for me and I got laid off from MSI which relocated to a state with a low low minimum wage. Oregons min wage is too high and that is why they left I found out. I look and look and look to no avail. With a 4 year accounting degree and 18 years of job experience it means NOTHING in this messed up town. What more do I have to do? I have applied for between 500-700 jobs since my layoff and maybe had less than? 50 interviews. BAD!!!

  13. Pamela Pugh says:

    Wow alot or people showed up. Thank God for these people fighting for the rights of the jobless. I could not go to the rally becuse I had to wait for the Salvation Army truck to come to my house. I have been out of work since August of 2009 and we got nothing to help all 199 of us. The Worksource Employment department does not care and does not help you and VR does not care and says you have to be retarded to get help from them. 99% of people fall through the cracks in Prtland.? I hate it here!!!

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