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6.3 million people on unemployment; 15000 People flood Phoenix Job Fair

by tom44 on June 26, 2012

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US Retail Sales Unexpectedly Halt Six-Month Slide -1 percent increase -driven by food and clothes -economist expects it to continue to drop. Almost 5 million in US getting jobless benefits -The Labor Department -if you add the current 4.81 million claiming benefits with the additional 1.5 million people -6.3 million receiving unemployment What about the people who don’t get benefits? 15000 job seekers flood career expo -Long lines formed outside University of Phoenix Stadium two hours before the opening -twice as much as usual -150 companies offered more than 500 jobs -30 people for every 1 job BorgWarner Trims 1500 More Jobs, Has Loss on Economy -posted a fourth-quarter net loss of .4 million Seattle mayor moves up projects for quick jobs -Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels -move up some road, utility and park projects to create more than 1500 jobs in the next two years. Virgin Atlantic eyes 600 job cuts Pioneer plans 10000 job cuts, closing TV business -global workforce affected Greenbrier to reduce work force by 150 jobs Terex falls to 4Q loss, plans massive job cuts -1.5 million loss in the fourth quarter
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24 thoughts on “6.3 million people on unemployment; 15000 People flood Phoenix Job Fair

  1. cshargeit says:

    i had no misconceptions about schooling and a job. there was never any connection to me. still i went to college full and part time for almost seven years to receive an aa degree. i spent the next 33 years in retail which was always a safety net when there was no real jobs. i watched the end of good jobs? in retail but the clues started in the seventies. now its no longer a safety net – its for desperate slaves and abusing mgrs. they does not intend to pay a living wage.

  2. RacerXGTO says:

    Jan 1 2011,? it get’s worse from here folks, buckle up. Bumpy ride doesn’t even begin to describe it!

    It won’t be forever, but I’ll tell you what, it’s going to hurt on the way down.

  3. sexykatie911 says:

    DEMCAD my m.s.n? is my profile baybe!

  4. sexykatie90 says:

    DEMCAD? my m.s.n is my profile baybe!

  5. abelfastlad says:

    you come round clean my tolite i give you 50 bucks what no jobs dumb? ass american

  6. jamesgravil says:

    Yep, you are right, maybe it IS slavery… But maybe you should wait till you’ve compared notes with somebody who? has ACTUALLY been a slave before you decide who is better or worse off. Personally, I wouldn’t mind busting my gut every day as long as I had a degree of security – not having to worry about paying the bills, what’ll happen if the recession gets worse etc. There’s nothing more terrible than being constantly uncertain about the future.

  7. jamesgravil says:

    I seem to be hearing a lot of stories about people who are getting asked (or told!) to continue working the same hours at the job, for substantially reduced pay, or working fewer? hours, with still reduced pay. I myself have recently had 10% taken off my pay-rate… for no discernible reason! (P.S. I was bottom minimum wage to begin with, so that’s *technically* illegal.) What I want to know is, why aren’t we hearing about any bankers who are getting the same treatment? Huh???

  8. richiefingers1 says:

    i think if u not working u should tidy? your room and close the cupboard doors in case someone gets hurt.

  9. harrisnutter says:

    I’m sure you can get? a job in a chicken shop.

  10. kingkong3601 says:

    Between September 2007 and may 2009 it accually cost me $28,000 to work at my old job. This is all while living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Thats not work it’s slavery. No I take that back, it’s worse than slavery. At least slaves don’t have to pay to be slaves. What a sorry state? we are in as a society.

  11. razorx71 says:

    being a former vet you’d know we get paid ever 2 weeks, by your 5th paycheck you would bearly be out of basic…. 99.87% of the people who go play in the sand come back alive~ more people have died in the military from automobile accidents than from combat. motorcycles were more deadly than bullets to the marines.. so i’m getting paid twice what i would make in law enforcement and getting paid? to get an applied science degree now. not going to get into what my job is, but its awesome 8D

  12. nitrostang50 says:

    theres only one problem,as much as i respect you for you’re? contribution to society,(being a former vet myelf),chances are,by doing so,you wont live long enough to even see your 5th paycheck,(the way theyre dying over there),but you can rest assure,you will have a job for at least 10-15 years(there)—,you might wanna try law enforcement instead,at least you get to see family daily,and you wont have to suffer,just cruise and bruise!!!,just looking out for you bro.

  13. GuildF40 says:

    22% unemployed? in usa hmmmmmm

  14. NorceCodine says:

    Don’t go for engineering, there’s not gonna be any industry in the US. Most of the unemployed 50 years olds I know are engineers, trying to retrain as teachers. Use your math and physics credits to switch to education major, or math-education, and get your teacher licencing ? for the time when you graduate.
    The procedure varies by state, so inquire in time.

  15. NorceCodine says:

    Rule of thumb: add 10% to the official (government) unemployment figure. If they say the unemp. is 8%, the much more realistic figure is 18%. They only count those who receive unemployment paycheck.
    Going to job fairs is wasting time. Many of the booths trying to sell to YOU something, or they trick you into some marketing scam.? Especially avoid the insurance companies.
    Only networking can get you something, but women are much better at that than men. Thats why so many unemployed are men.

  16. razorx71 says:

    damn I know right? You need a 4 year degree to make 3 dollars more than minimum wage these days. The only jobs I find aren’t “grown man” jobs.. I have a house, a truck payment, me and my GF both work – I only gotta make 12/hr to pay my bills and the best I can find is 9.50/hr with 3 years specialized experience, like any of these jobs take a? rocket surgeon to accomplish their mediocrity.

  17. razorx71 says:

    I have elected to go the military route – If I don’t get job by the 15th I am swearing in, Government employees on average are making 40% more money than regular workers, soon you will have to work for the people? that print the money like me. My last paycheck came in December.

  18. razorx71 says:

    (continued) so the people who run out of UI (can’t find work for more than 6 months) aren’t counted, the jobs lost aren’t the actual number but lost + estimated created (so when they say 600k jobs were lost, it? was really closer to 800k). In actuality we are climbing in unemployment by 1 actual percent per month since nov08 and are actually around 23% now. At this rate we will be around 28% at christmas and retail will be FUBAR. Jan2010 will be the worst month ever recorded.

  19. razorx71 says:

    I was self employed – worked on a per contract basis, the company i contracted through went out of business, guess what I’m not in that number, the fake 9% number are only those collecting unemployment insurance.. not business owners, self employed, and contracted employees which don’t qualify for UI. I read an article that says the job losses take into account new jobs created… and the new jobs created numbers aren’t calculated correctly so the? jobs lost per month are understated by 20%

  20. FrancisandLana says:

    i just graduated from asu with a degree in finance (haha, i know) and can’t find a? job…. not even for day labor it seems, haha…. good luck everyone

    we are all going to need it

  21. JRBeaman says:

    With over 12 million unemployed, and we both agree there is more than what is reported, then why does Obama want to legalize 13? million illegals instead of deporting them?

  22. JRBeaman says:

    The dumbing down of America is a resounding success.

    Proof: A Marxist radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshiped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago? mobsters, is now the President of the United States.

    And, apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.

  23. formulaprimer says:

    First of all they government doesn’t count people who can’t find jobs and now are off unemployment checks. That puts? unemployment around 18%

  24. BuckFutterd says:

    Oh my god, Fat Albert is giving me financial advice. If you could help it Albert, please get what your eating out of your mouth so we can hear you? properly. It sounds like you’re eating a Double Whopper while talking.

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