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21st Century Transportation System for Los Angeles

by tom44 on November 24, 2012

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa explains how the widening of I-405 ties in with his greater vision to build a 21st Century Transportation System for Los Angeles. By passing Measure R, Angelenos paved the way for the creation of local jobs through doubling the miles of rail, building 1600 miles of bike paths, and improving our bus system. The Mayor’s 30/10 plan leverages the funds created by measure R to complete 12 transportation projects in 10 years instead of 30, bringing jobs to Angelenos today. Expanded to the federal level under the name America Fast Forward, the Mayor’s plan, along with the help of a bipartisan coalition of mayors, senators, and members of Congress, the US Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO, and environmental groups, has the potential to bring over 1 million jobs to the nation. Since this video was posted, Senator Barbara Boxer’s Surface Transportation Bill including America Fast Forward passed Congress and was signed into law by President Obama.
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9 thoughts on “21st Century Transportation System for Los Angeles

  1. EpicThe112 says:

    Great Idea.but here in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts most highways have never been widened since? the 1960, and NJDOT,CTDOT,PENNDOT, and NYSDOT should look at Southern California freeways as an example for a modern 10 lane freeway with carpool lanes.

  2. tHarvey1228 says:

    Photographically speaking, it’s beautiful. The last visual left me seeing this as a suggestion that this vehicle will be part of the solution of “ending the gridlock and congestion in the City.” said the mayor. ? The entire traffic pattern in LA was free and clear for driving that weekend… How much was spent using that aircraft (Pilot, co-pilot, + staff +fuel . . .) to tour the 405? He could’ve ridden his bike there and back and accomplished more in the same time.

  3. louierperez says:

    the disneyland monorail to los angeles? international airport would be cheaper

  4. louierperez says:

    mayor the land is there its almost free of structures .The old southern pacific? rail line that has been vacant for decades ,lets put a shanghai style meglev train above this land today

  5. louierperez says:

    needed a meglev train from lax to disneyland and have disney pitch in? for the program , a million visit disney daily and most are tourist so disney ,l.a. and the o.c. should put this together,amen

  6. SDAVELA says:

    Jane Harman looked? really uncomfortable there in Congress!

  7. Quiztohfur says:

    More rails indeed. As an out-of-towner, I was truly astounded when I moved here a? couple years ago at how limited LA’s underground transportation is for such a populous metropolis. It’s just flat out irresponsible.

  8. gjljoivey says:

    A little too much blah blah blah, but a good plan, and please get us more? rail. Yea Little Tokyo at 0:48 ^_^

  9. LosAngelesWeedSmoker says:

    can you please stop talking to us like we are in elementary school and use more of a monotone voice? you are a mayor, not an? actor… and that’s bad acting my man. stop trying to smile out of nowhere, it SERIOUSLY makes it seem like satire and it’s sort of creepy, keep a straight face and deliver your message, if you need to express feelings.. use your eyes, not that bogus ‘smile for the camera” grin. legalize our CCW rights!

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