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2010 Bikers Empowerment Training Conference Memphis Tn.

by tom44 on September 14, 2012

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Bike Paparazzi visits Memphis Tn. for The Bikers Empowerment Training Conference hosted by The High Rollers M/C. We would like to thank and congratulate on doing a wonderful job on their 1st. Annual Bikers Training Conference and a few invited guests: Honey Bunz of the Carolina Knight riders M/C Sc., Bikers Against Breast Cancer, Shelia Green-Barnhill from NY, Grant Writer, Sheila Lewis from Ca. and Front Runnerz Atl,Ga., the Bikers Shuffle live just to name a few…
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5 thoughts on “2010 Bikers Empowerment Training Conference Memphis Tn.

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  2. FrigidWhisper says:

    This? is a terrific idea. Need this in CT

  3. theatrix7 says:

    I am in there? next year! Vizion ~East Coast BadBoyz National Chapter

  4. BigBusaTamer says:

    Thats Whats Up!
    I see your off to a fast start, keep? em coming.

  5. BigMarv44 says:

    Great? Video

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