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20 weeks pregnant and moving from Seattle to Houston TX?

by tom44 on May 28, 2014

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Question by B K: 20 weeks pregnant and moving from Seattle to Houston TX?
My wife is 20 weeks pregnant and i got a better job offer in Houston TX and we need to move from Seattle. Currently we really like our Ob-Gyn doctor and wanted to get some ob-gyn recommendations in Houston-TX. Please advise.
We will be moving to Mount Houston Road, is it safe?

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Answer by hstngirl
Houston is a hub of medical activity, but helping you find a doc is not that easy as Houston is HUGE… St. Josephs is a great hospital, so is the Women’s Hospital both downtown. We have quite a few midwives that come highly recommended too. It really depends on the experience she wants and where/what side of town you’re moving to. Best wishes!

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