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2 part- employment Raleigh NC?

by tom44 on April 2, 2014

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Question by ??•Curly•??: 2 part- employment Raleigh NC?
Part 1- I recently called a company and asked were they hiring and the women said “We are currently ACCEPTING applications.” Does that mean they’re not really hiring at the time?

Part 2- I’m getting a lot of responses like the one in ‘Part 1’. Should I try a temp agency? Any in Raleigh NC?

Best answer:

Answer by somerandomdude
It can’t hurt to try a temp agency. You might google (temporary + employment + raleigh) or possibly change employment to labor, staffing, etc.

You’ll probably see the usuals, Kelly, Adecco or Olsten, etc. Most of these will handle both clerical/administrative and light industrial. I would recommend signing up for both, which means extra testing, but double the chances of getting an assignment. Be sure to ask, though, whether they’ll still consider you for assignments after you’ve been assigned elsewhere. It wouldn’t help you to be passed over on a $ 14 clerical job because they just assigned you to a $ 9 warehouse job. If they plan to leave you where they first send you, the clerical/admin jobs probably have a better chance of paying well and being more fulfilling.

BTW – Cup-A-Joe on Hillsborough St. has the best latte anywhere. Send me one?

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