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19 year old female, can’t find work with Cast on?

by tom44 on August 11, 2012

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Question by longed24ever: 19 year old female, can’t find work with Cast on?
I have been applying for jobs for almost a month now…. everyplace that calls me back and I tell about my cast they say sorry apply again when you heal. The ones I don’t tell always offer interviews and then turn me down within 5 minutes of walking in and them seeing my cast. I am a CNA and there’s pretty much no way I can do that work because the private care companies keep telling me I wouldn’t be able to do CPR adequately. I am so desperate that I have tried Fredmeyers, Safeway, Subway, and other typically entry level work. Telemarketing companies turn me down because I have no sales experience, retail and banks turn me down because I have no cash handling experience, and receptionist jobs turn me down because I have no office experience.
I need a job. Now. I have 35 bucks to my name and this is getting ridiculous. Has anyone with a cast gotten hired somewhere? Any suggestions? I live in Vancouver, WA which is right above Portland.

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Answer by jandismommie
No one is going to hire you until you get the cast off. You will be a liability to them and that is something no company is willing to take on. Contact the welfare office. Explain to them your situation and they will be able to help. As soon as the cast comes off start putting apps in again. I know you probably don’t want to go on Welfare but it is better then going homeless.

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