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#13 macworld expo San Francisco 2002 steve jobs keynote 13

by tom44 on September 24, 2013

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I think is the best Keynote Speech video. Thank You Steve!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

MacWorld Expo 2001 San Francisco Steve Jobs Keynote. Präsentation des neuen PowerBook G4 Titanium. Unter dem Motto „Power and sex” stellte Steve Jobs das neu…
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4 thoughts on “#13 macworld expo San Francisco 2002 steve jobs keynote 13

  1. Ryan Beta says:

    Some graphics cards? have 100x the video memory now.

  2. imprezaver4 says:

    Respond to? below: Duh…

  3. MrPhilipp103 says:

    He’s right! Now it’s been a decade and guess where a majority of? monitors are, LCDs.

  4. slapcompany says:

    The heart of a company’s performance is hardwired to the hearts of its managers. Your values are your essence: an undistorted? mirror showing you at your pure, attractive best. Check us out at slapCompany

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