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11/5/11 – Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Bipartisan Jobs Bills

by tom44 on April 7, 2013

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In the Weekly Republican Address, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown discusses the bipartisan approach to job creation. Sen. Brown says, “With millions of Americ…

Remembering Steve. Apple pays tribute to Jobs at the anniversary of his death. “A message from Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO Steve’s passing one year ago today was a…
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32 thoughts on “11/5/11 – Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Bipartisan Jobs Bills

  1. Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    When an establishment republican says “let’s create jobs” they normally mean “let’s make more low wage fast food chains and night gas stations.”

    Ron? Paul ftw!

  2. joannb12 says:

    Unfortunately, you are not working for the good of America and that is what we need from our entire congress. Lose the I have to do this for my political party and the I have to ensure crony capitalism and you might be effective. Thumbs up to Rep. Walsh for his call it like it is rant in the house. The regs and laws are in are in place. Enforce them or get rid of? the bad ones! Appreciate your work on the jobs bills but unfortunately Reid and Obama are destroying America. Get tougher!

  3. Rich Dweck says:

    Your? not getting reelected because you have done nothing and showed once again a star that comes in on a high just keep sinking.. He is irrelevant now!

  4. Rjslimos says:

    Keep up the good work, I’m hopping that the men an women of the house can stop being so selfish and work to pass bills and not think off self the we won’t have a recession but greed plays a very very? big part off politics that whats have been and will hurtting every one, there is no good politician or bad just greed.

  5. rrsrichard says:

    Glad to see that this is going to be a one term? loser….

  6. Jaimetud says:

    So the Democrats finally decided to? try being bipartisan. That’s new.

  7. TheKmbt says:

    I say “Let the middle class shrink” the only reason American’s have had it so good is because they have been sucking the governments tit for 60 years. Look at China-there’s no middle class there and yet they have become the super power of the planet. They have surpassed the US by hard work, not government handouts. I will work with my brothers Cantor, Boehner,? and Paul Ryan to end all handout programs (social security, medicare) and encourage tax breaks for job creators.
    God bless the GOP!

  8. Michael Newgyn says:

    Bach Cello Suite No.1
    The Yo-Yo Ma version.?

  9. Michael Newgyn says:

    haha. that’s funny. Secrets came after this song. this is Bach Cello? Suite no.1

  10. costanza baiocco says:


  11. h4x0y says:

    He meant so much for us, he shaped so many things and he proudly presented everything in a way that made us smile. The products that are a result of his vision make us all excited about technology. We’re even fans of things that are run by chips that perform elementary bit operations. He saw genius and potential beyond calculations,? he saw how technology could enrich our lives. I still can’t believe Steve’s gone. It really is a huge loss.

  12. WillHaddock says:

    Mine too.?

  13. MeepStudioz says:

    My dream was to meet him. I will never achieve that? now 🙁

  14. Alexander Gubric says:

    R.I.P 2 years after? :/

  15. Jake Oram says:

    At least Apple is? running or it would be sad because Apple is the best!

  16. novicemike soulipaseut says:

    this is the? great person in the world

  17. christian staffone says:

    i can’t think apple without? this great person.

  18. ebsfairy says:

    Everytime i feel lonely, i turn to him… i have no clue why.. I have faith in him…Merely listening to him speak can get tears in my eyes..Its really all about following your heart…There is no substitute for experience and no accelerant like faith…Wherever you are, RIP Steve.. You will always be remembered…Because the people who are? crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do…! 🙂

  19. kamp kaka says:

    i love ipod nano ipod touch ipad 1 2 3 4? mini all device by apple thailand

  20. wworldoflaptops says:

    I believe whether u like him or hate him but u cannot ignore him. Steve brought many revolutions in music industry, computer ind., telecom ind., digital & publishing ind., movies & tablet ind., retail stores & many others. How many? of us saying anything against dead steve jobs have worthwhile contributions in any 1 industry. I like Steve’s vision; passion & dedication towards creating world class products. Rest in peace Steve!!!

  21. Halvard Tvetene says:

    Great movie btw. RIP? Steve.

  22. Halvard Tvetene says:

    What´s the name of the? song?

  23. dlittlefair11 says:

    What utter nonsense, another hater who knows less than nothing about jobs. He never claimed he invented stuff he didn’t, he openly admitted the GUI he got from xerox, but they did a crap job of it, apple didn’t invent the tablet, but everyone else did a crappy job of it. His vision? of having a computer as a hub which peripherals can be attached to was way ahead of its time and EVERYBODY benefitted. Also apple has 11000 employees at its headquarters in cupertino, which is in America ass hole.

  24. MrLennyRabbits says:

    I agree with you the amount of innovation that he had and the ability he had to basically revolutionise the computer industry and overall technology was amazing. You have my support and i will always support Steve. He? was my idol and still is today. I don’t care what everyone says about apple to this day, without Steve we would be 10 years in the past.

  25. SambaIsDead says:

    He never ceases to amaze me…even now.?

  26. Irakli T says:

    Legend. Btw, all? u Steve Jobs hater are messed up in the head.

  27. Jason Murray says:

    Thief and a master at selling the world on recycled ideas. Brilliant at creating an American company without any employees in the? USA to actually make the product. Genius when it comes to flip flopping his opinion that his ideas are perfect.

    Too bad you didn’t believe in it yourself.

  28. stormhawkstan says:

    Steve (you can’t take it with? you) Jobs is burning in Atheist Hell.

  29. HiloMeSelf says:

    i miss? him so much:'( he changed the world forever and he is a big insparation to me…R.I.P

  30. Sevencityrandomvids says:

    i had a IBM ad at the beginning video did not play so i refresh the page then i get a surface ad then finally it plays this is totally out of order!? RIP Steve.

  31. Andres Versonnen says:

    Rip Steve? Jobs

  32. John David says:

    Network marketing makes more millionaires in a yr than any other business. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to earn lots of money. I can guide you step-by-step about making money online. Visit Proper Income? dot com
    Sincerely, John David

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