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07 The TTC Nursing Program Application Process – CNA to LPN

by tom44 on September 16, 2013

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The TTC Nursing Program Application Process.
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This video depicts one of the skills required to pass the SC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) board. The demonstration of this skill is based on the steps i…
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25 thoughts on “07 The TTC Nursing Program Application Process – CNA to LPN

  1. marcelo gaye says:

    The assistant did not wash her hands prior to handling clean linens which procedure will be required at an examination in California. Off course linens were already at side table at the beginning of the skill but she should have in the least and for educational purposes of those watching the skill, mentioned that? her hands had already been. washed

  2. fatima mohamed says:

    This videos are very helpful. I am glad you guys took the time to make them because of? this videos i feel very confident on my skills.these videos are very accurate.

  3. sinfin092212 says:

    Thanks? to these videos and studying I passed my test! Thank you very much

  4. R Mayer says:

    Lindsay, since our videos are based on the 2012 Nursing Guide for CNAs in South Carolina, be sure and do it the way your are taught in your state. I’m sure there are small variations from state to state, and country to country. If in doubt, check you Texas guide. Thanks for? writing. Wishing you the best on your test!!

  5. Lindsey Bassham says:

    I am going to test in Texas.

    In female pericare, we are taught to wipe the inside labia first,? one part of rag per wipe, but both sides instead of one wipe…then move to outside, one part of rag per wipe, per side.. then the pubic part, then inside of thighs.. always moving away from that area…


  6. R Mayer says:

    Thanks, Dejay Cee. The procedures in this video were for? state testing purposes only.

  7. nlw says:

    Wondering if it is possible to purchase your videos? Great videos and very helpful.
    Thanks for the? information.

  8. Dejay Cee says:

    Not comfortable with the use of the dirty gloves throughout. She touched everything with the dirty gloves including? the patient and the tap. Proper medical asepsis not demonstrated.

  9. Ekemini Udi says:

    God Bless all of you guys?

  10. Jasmine Tahnijah says:

    During The Bedpan, where do? u set the bed pan after removing it from under the person? on the floor?

  11. Gloria Vasquez says:

    I want to thank you and your two wonderful nurses/ instroctors for the? wonderful work thanks to you all I passed my skills test, thank you so much for all your very helpful videos! God Bless you all!

  12. Sabrina Spellman says:

    what? about the blue pad?

  13. cupcake5180 says:

    Thanks from California for posting this. Great demo, very helpful!?

  14. R Mayer says:

    The instructor responded, “If it normally is cleansed in a shower, sink,? or tub…that is where the rinse water goes. The only water that goes in the toilet is the yellow kind :-)”

  15. MizMaverick00 says:

    Don’t throw butt water? in the sink!! Always toilet!!

  16. phoenixbyrd2 says:

    I love these videos! I just wish I could find? a video that shows how to clean explosive diarrhea of patients that are total care. There has to be some basic procedures I can follow.

  17. R Mayer says:

    Mickey, I have no idea. It’s the same in pharmacy, law, nursing, traffic laws, boating, fishing, hunting, housing and about anything else I can think of. There are a few things that are nationally mandated, but most states? set their own rules and pass their own laws.

  18. Mickey Hoelscher says:

    How much do states vary in their certified testing for? CNA’s and why the discrepancy?

  19. georgia moran says:

    Thank you so much for posting all these videos. Passed my test yesterday,? woo woo!

  20. Betchurbo.Otz says:

    good? job!!!

  21. 2007Niecey says:

    I just took my state board exam on June 28 and passed!!! I live in Georgia so the procedures were a little different but overall the same rules and procedures. Thank you for uploading? these videos. I looked at every single one and they really helped me out!!!! Thanks again!!!

  22. Jessie Han says:

    aren’t you supposed? to make a triangle?

  23. Jessie Han says:

    No. You put cloves when you? start the procedure with the client.

  24. El Bukari says:

    That’s what I? was taught, so I just do it. I put gloves on everything I do just to be safe.

  25. R Mayer says:

    Different states and countries have different rules during the actual testing process.? The state-certification process can differ slightly from the real situation.

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